World Slayer

Holy crap thats going to kill me!!!

weapon (melee)

+3 Large Greatsword


In Lo’goshes head*
One day while hunting in the mountains, my pray was being particularly frustrating causing me much displeasure. After another failed attempt at catching dinner I saw the mountain laughing at me, and in a fit of rage I punched it in the mouth knocking out its tooth. I collected my prize and figured the hell with hunting and took my new tooth back to my village. For the next few weeks I tried unsuccessfully to heat the tooth to a point where I could craft it into a weapon. When I realized I wouldn’t be able to forge it with heat, I turned to force. I used hammers and blades to try to craft the most epic weapon, but all broke or blunted against the mountain’s tooth. The only tool left was the power of my awesome. I screamed and shouted, and with every expulsion of my voice splinters of the tooth came loose. When I got it shaped I sharpened it, wildly swinging it through the air letting the friction of the wind file it to razor sharp. With the power of my awesome I forged the weapon capable of destroying everything, my friends didn’t believe me and wanted proof. I hurled the sword as hard as I could, I bet it went about 498 feet, and upon landing a shockwave of destruction rippled off the sword. I jumped back, but still the force tossed me hard against a tree. I believe I got amnesia, because I couldn’t remember all the epic stuff I had just done. It was just a few days after that when I met Pad Nimblelock and company and went walking around with them.

World Slayer

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