Magnus Dagger

Magnus: plus one to crit chance, perfectly balanced ( it is a short sword for small) +10 throwing distance (dagger only +5 to sleight of hand to hide it or palm it)

+3(5 pierce)deadly keen wounding dagger (treat as longsword damage if piercing) if opponent is flat flooted + 20 damage if flanked +10 damage only with pierce

Can detect other magnus daggers can become more powerful with other daggers

Ego unknown likes to stab

3/day can true strike with piercing only
1/day gutshot ( must call shot stomach if hits does d4 con fort save equal to damage target is sickened or nauseated with fort save) Stab while sometimes sadistic will usually not allow this ability to go off especially he will not allow you to true strike this attack. When asked he will explain “it is just a horrible way to die”



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