Rookelbin's Ritual book


Rules on Rituals Must have Create Ritual feat and if fail the checks by more than 5 can have disastrous effects
22 Rituals

1:Ritual of fire resistance:
1 hour of preparation
3 hour casting time
2 spell crafts DC 24
min caster lv 7
1 unit essence of fire (essence is anything where pure fire can be drained from. a lit candle is tainted while a a trapped fire elemental is not) 10 candles (lit) a bowl, and a flammable liquid
(those Crystals have 10 Portions which are 20 essence a piece)

Grants user Fire resistance 15 for 1 day. For each extra essence or 2 points of variance he may extend the day, add an ally, or increase the resitance by 5

2:Elixer of sleepless
2 days of preperation
1 day of casting time
1 Knowledge Dreams dc 25 1 Spellcraft 24
min caster 5
a portion of Sleep (liquid dreams) and a bottle

Makes an Elixer that when drank removes the need for sleep for one week.


Rookelbin's Ritual book

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