Magnus Journal


Magnus was a leader of the Platinus Revolution, single-handily saving Platinum city from destruction. He secured the alliances of the North Seylon kingdoms and established Exus as the patron deity of Platinus. He even rose to the esteemed rank of Templar before being chosen as one Exus’s personal Servitors. He was highly thought of my the entire kingdom of Platinus, and because of this they wanted him to be king. He mysteriously disappeared after Sortaire surrendered, and his son was proclaimed the first king of Platinus.
Magnus also was known for his amazing ability to craft extraordinary weapons. His weapons are simply considered priceless in Platinus, but even in other parts of the world they can fetch a pretty penny. His parents both died at a young age and only a few people know anything, other than what is listed here, about him, even his own son knew close to nothing.
Found out about a girl Magnus loved and was betrayed by and him being attacked and saved by a Dracos named Ax.

List of important facts:
1. He used that portal underneath the temple
2. He has met Thane
3. He was in love with someone and it was never mentioned in Magnus lore
4. The woman was half fey and she also robbed him blind right before he was attacked by worshipers of Sol-Soluth.
5. A Dracos named Ax saved Magnus’s life
6. Trey remembers Pad learning about a mentor referred to only as “The Dragon”
7. Another guy named Cranic is a friend of Magnus
8. He forgives lady
9. He starts looking for the “Dragon” south of the mountain pass
10. His party is called the Gilded 5
11. The girl tried to get magnus to grab the spear he realized it was cursed and fought her she retreated.
12. Made a deal with the grim reaper to gain his first amount of real power.
13. Daniika was his love that he forgave again against the advice of his friends.
14. He would forge the Grim Reaper a weapon than the scythe.
15. Magnus was mana attuned
16. Magnus has a phobia of snakes
17. The guilded cliffs
18. The palace of Midnight Fire
19.The Dragon was an refuge of the fael
20. Cranic was an infected fael binder
21. Dragon bone flute
22. He becomes not only on good terms with the Grim Reaper, they actually become allies, making his relationship with Ingeol strained.
23. His first attempt at a great sword was Spinesever, he ended up giving this to Thane’s daughter Migni.

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Magnus Journal

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