A nixie that follows Mason...and now follows the kobold


Treyituflamoustickawickasidiolokoprufotousdikletinjay or Ann-o-ying or Trey is a Nixie that started to follow around Mason completely out of nowhere. It says it is a Dragon that had just scared the Party, but they for the most part correctly don’t believe him. His motives are unclear, but he seems to just want to follow Mason around, which Mason does not seem to mind. The party have now witnessed the Nixie Rage that happens when a Fairy is Present which turned out to work in their favor. The rest of the party are unsure about Trey. And they do not have knowledge on what he is capable of or what he has in his bag of tricks. Two years later Trey is now following the kobold. He now is the proud owner of a very special book.



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