Pathfinder : Mana burned

The first log

The party after a lot of trials and tribulations have arrived back to Platinum City. Only to find trouble when they get back. A doppelganger that goes by the name of Bizrip had killed Maybelene. She was able to be returned from the dead, but the repercussions of this was even more than most of the party was expecting. Pad sold his business to Tinker to make sure that the attention the Nomads were getting would not put his loved ones in danger. Bizrip used a programmed Illusion to send a message to Mason and the party. That message being you have now stepped into my game, and get ready to play. The party left Platinum City to do a job for Vlare which then ended up getting the Rising Sun involved. An angel delivered a message that the nomads must play the game, or else Bizrip will get a church of the rising Sun in Platinus. After performing their duties with the help of Trey. Pad wanted to go meet with Spizrac, a neogi slaver they had met in Maelstrom, to see if he could find Bizrip. Spizrac declined the job, but was able to give a little information since he was apparently a mouse in one of Bizrip’s games before. Mason set out once back to Platinus to learn some things about Bizrip and Doppelgangers, and after to quote Mason “Now I am ready to find that bastard.”

Will the party ever find Bizrip, will Mason ever find out how much Pad sold this Business for, will the GM let them backtrack to meeting with Vlare, since Mason skipped ahead, we will find out next week!


faelcreator faelcreator

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