Pathfinder : Mana burned

In the Temple of the Child

The Party have now left the city in search of the artifact of Exus. The map they had has led them to a temple of Sol-Soluth, that has been mostly abandoned for years. The previous occupants all mysteriously died spontaneously. They discovered a room that tore out the light Angel blood out of Kohotic Circinas and replaced it with Dark angel blood instead, and after that the party decided to leave that room alone. Continuing down into the lower levels of the temple, they find out that the artifact is probably in the vault at the bottom, but they have at least two powerful guards to get past. One a Death Knight created by the dead head Priest, and the other a being only referred to as the Child, a Magically created spawn of Sol-Soluth. SO the fight with the Death knight, meeting the child, and finding the artifact, all of this and more next week…


faelcreator faelcreator

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