Pathfinder : Mana burned

here is the mana paths

Main mana paths

  • White
    1. Purity
      Lv 5 W Sanctuary- as spell except no save
      Lv 10 WW+ Protection- give yourself protection from a color for lv rounds extra white to make a circle of 5 feet per W
      Lv 15 Purge/purify WWW – 5 damage per level to black or red mana or evil creature undead must save for double damage demons must save for banishment / heal 5 hp per level to good and non black or red also cures poisons and diseases and up to 1 curse
  1. Law
    Lv 5 W Contract
    Lv 10 WW Force of Law all natural abilities cost white mana to cast in lv x5ft radius
    Lv 15 WWWW wrath of god (must worship) dependent on situation and how much you are in grace with your deity holy energy descends from the heavens and destroys everything except you and half your level (max 5) allies …you choose ( using this ability can cause fallout with your deity as you can only protect so many people but if you wish you may give up your protection to protect your level squared no max (worshippers of your deity are also spared)
  1. Community
    WW-up to your level number allies get to use your saves for level rounds
    W-you can cast cure spells on your self and they heal level allies
    WW- You can not move while this ability is active and it last 2 rounds per white mana in your pool
    You get 5x the white mana in your pool to AC and the white mana in your pool to DR and 10x that to all resistances. You choose lv allies you take the damage they recieve while this ability is active. You can channel and use mana abilities.
  • Blue
    1. Control
      Lv5 U Slow ranged touch attack target is slowed
      Lv 10 UU Counter target spell or mana ability
      Lv15 UU take a full round action
    2. Thought
      UUU-Make gm answer a question
      UUUUU- Mind switch with a target
      UU- Battle precog find out what everyones actions are this turn before taking your initiative
    3. Artifice
      U- attune yourself or someone else for level minutes
      UU- Attune someone to an item includes one mana summon.
      U- use a limited use item an extra time
  • Red
    1. Passion
      Lv5 R Rage target or self
      Lv 10 R dispel any type of mental effect: charm, domination, suggestion
      Lv 15 (Rx) lv allies get plus 2(x) to hit and damage for half level – x (min 1)
    2. Chaos
      Lv 5 RR copy target mana ability that targets you choose another target
      L 10 RR All creatures in lv x 5 radius take 4d6 damage every time they spend a mana for level rounds
      lv 15 R destroy a mana
    3. Elements
      Lv5 choose an element when getting this ability lv d6 damage (max 10d6) ranged touch reflex for half
      lv10 same as shock except may spend more mana to split to more targets and to empower R -one target half level RR two targets at half level or one at total level RRR three targets or 2 targets at total level or one at 1.5 level RRRR 4 targets at half 3 at total 2 at 1.5 and so on
      can never be empowered over 1.5
      lv 15 Wildfire same as shock and blast RRRx – half level d6 to all in half lv round area each additional increases area by twice as much or increases damage up to 1 then to 1.5 Ex RRRRRR lv and half d6 in a lv round area
  • Black
    1. Corruption (all uses of corruption give evil points)
      lv 5 BBB diabolic tutor- wish for an outcome (I am gonna fuck with you hard)
      lv 10 BBB demonic tutor summon a random demon to grant a favor or wish ( don’t ever trust a demon)
      lv15 Sinful BBB- give ten evil points to someone ( target may spend mana to lesson effects by 2 per but if he does will take 5d6 per mana spent) if target is already evil aligned takes 15d6
    2. Ambition
      lv 5 give up 10 hp for 24 hours for a plus 1 to a stat cannot be healed
      lv 10 BBBBB randomly curse yourself ( could be beneficial somewhat)
      lv 15 give up a permanent stat for a black mana
    3. Death
      B Undead cohort
      BB save or die
      BBB Summon Reaper
  • Green
    1. Predation
      G Claws 1d6 Bite id8 Scent darkvision +10 speed for level minutes
      GG Summon spirit beast
      GGG- Aspect of the beast Immune to magic and mana abilities for 5 rounds Must pick prey when aspecting can only attack it and do x2 damage for 5 rounds
    2. Growth
      G +4 to all physical stats
      G-GG-GGG (G to large, GG to huge, GGG gargantuan)
      GGGGG- The nature around the caster grows 200 years in one round
    3. Harmony
      GG half level hp regen for half level rounds
      GGG-cure ailment
      GX- Give x mana to another creature

Dual paths
Orzov- no longer need to meet alignment preregisites (evil-good axis and there are exceptions)
Lv5 BW extort for level rounds all mana abilities cost one extra if anyone other than you use one you may contested roll if succeed you get the extra mana they spent
lv10 BW target takes 1d6 negative levels and get x5 hp equal to level losses
lv15 BBWW Damnation as wrath of god but do not have to worship and you can only spare yourself and half your level (max 5)

Rakdos plus half level to damage



Gruul + Lv damage to objects
GR Elemental fury all attacks cause element damage and have secondary effects

GR -1 INT Half level rounds

GGRR Summon a siege Beast you do not control


lv 5 GWR spirit beast
lv10 GWR aspect
lv 15 GGGWR Ultimatum

lv 5 can make mana items
lv 10 UWB aspect
lv 15 Ultimatum UUUWB can alter matter into etherium

lv5 BUR dominate
lv 10 BUR aspect
lv 15 BBBUR ultimatum

lv5 RGB jund beast
lv10 RGB aspect
lv15 RRRGB ultimatum

lv5 WGU resuurect
lv 10 WUG aspect
lv 15 WWWUG ultimatum


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