Pathfinder : Mana burned

And the world keeps turning

To recap: the party known as Live Action is on a mission to obtain a crown that the leader of an invading army wants to obtain. To get this crown they must get mana items to survive travel through a portal. The party has a nice collection of mana items: Worldslayer one of the Titan swords, The dread vines a powerful suit of armor for destroying civilization, Arcanis an intelligent short sword with psionic powers, a Helmet given to them by Prince Serteric, The cloak of Shadow Armor a cloak that turns the users shadows into armor, The sword of deceit and guile one of the mana swords, and a newly aquired quiver loaned to them by the Shades of Darkness. The party needs at least 2 more to get the main people through the portal. They also have had some changes to the original party. The no longer go by Live Action because of the massive amounts of enemies they have aquired and the fact they have endangered the world even more so than the original threat they sought to vanquish. They consist now of Syl, the kobold Mystic theurge that works for a man named Cabal, Lem a Halfling Paladin of Exus trying to right the wrongs of the world some of which caused by live action, Lo’gosh and Kohotic original members of the fated both trying to save the world and Platinus, but one seems to just like hitting stuff whether the saving the world part is on purpose is yet to be seen, a Dwarven druid named Albert and Half-orc fighter have joined and immediately befriended lo’gosh now calling themselves Team Chaos, what they seek and the reasons for joining are yet to be seen, but they do seem to enjoy living up to their team name. Treyva a Dragon blooded fighter and a 15 year old human fencing prodigy named Sari, have joined the Fated for the promises of adventure and glory, they have bitten off a little more than they can chew. And Last but not in anyway least is Adian a half elf rogue that has fallen under the wing of a lady known as the Queen. He has single handedly haulted the elven invasion of Platinus, by dooming the world by other means. By giving the demonlord known as Dagon to Latheriel. The followers of the Rising Sun have become a menace to all even the Gods and the Demons, so now as the entire world is dealing with this threat the fated must also still acomplish the prime directive while also trying to correct Adians deed. Which way the party is going even the Gods do not know, but I am sure Thane is going to enjoy the show.


I say we start going by Dangerous Inertia.

And the world keeps turning
faelcreator faelcreator

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